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I usually choose fun over responsibility. Today I chose responsibility. Now I am slightly regretting.

I don’t usually regret choosing the fun option. I don’t want to miss out on something that will never come this way again. However, the fun today could come again, so I chose to stay home to support my husband to get ready for guests. I still have regrets.

Had a open conversation yesterday with the guys about struggles of a pastor. On the surface, the work of a pastor doesn’t seem like much. But the emotional struggles are real. Time management is not straightforward when it comes to giving time for people. Relationships, the basis of pastoral work, are all consuming. That’s not the case in other jobs. As a pastor you cannot do your job without caring for people. Caring for people is emotional work. Burn out is real.

Like Elijah,  it is God who ultimately cares for the caregiver. The hard part is to keep our eyes on Someone we cannot see or feel. So the church is the Body of Christ, embodying Christ to give sight when walking by faith is hard. We are important to each other.


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