stored in: 2019

There was more personal sharing at staff meeting than usual. I appreciated hearing what God has been showing the staff. We all agree that church has become too busy. Where is the heart of worship and praise of God? Are people more excited about doing things “for God” more than enjoying God? Is there depth of spiritual life? Are we concern for personal holiness? Do people come to meet God or to meet people?

We want to critically examine what we do – cut the dross and maintain or add only things that contribute to disciple-making. We’ve said this before and have done a bit of it. But the culture, the mindset has not changed. But I am at least encouraged by the conversation. I will look at where Children Ministry can streamline and be more effective. Building a strong base of volunteers who have depth of spiritual life is the life blood of CM. If the volunteers are shallow, the children will grow up with shallow faith. We don’t need dynamic leaders and teachers, we need leaders and teachers with deep abiding love for Jesus.

And that is my challenge – to live it, teach it, exemplify it, and lead with it. I need to set it as an expectation for my volunteers to grow a deep walk with God.


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