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Despite being stressed before a vacation, I realize I do need to get away to relax.

Here are my beach experiences that helped me relax:

I insisted on a room with an ocean view. Hawaii isn’t even worth it without a room with an ocean view. Our room was on the 38th floor across the street from the beach and it was great.

My dad was very proud of being able to afford a house with an open city view. He had reason to be proud coming as an immigrant with nothing to a house on top of the hill in Pasadena. He talked about that view all the time. I think that’s why a view is important to me. We can’t afford a house with a view, so when we are on vacation, it’s my indulgence to have a view. I can stare out the window for a long time. We also have a view of Diamond Head. While it’s not an unobstructed view, it’s still great.

We went to several beaches, they are all beautiful. I liked Sandy Beach because it was not crowded. I could sit out on the water for a long time. My husband does not share my love for the beach. He doesn’t like sand between his toes, etc. etc. He’s from the east coast. I don’t swim in the ocean, I’m not brave. I just love the rhythmic waves and the view of the horizon, in warm water.

It’s a 10 minute walk to cross the big street from our airbnb view room to the beach. We went twice at night to sit on the beach. It’s the best time to go to the beach. There’s a warm breeze and the water is still warm.

I wrote on my bio that “going to the beach to feel the power of the waves deepens [my] faith.” That is exactly why I love the beach. I can meditate, think about God, pray, reflect, even be moved to tears just sitting in the water. 

This is my 3rd time in Oahu. First time I went by myself when I was in high school – I was on my way to Hong Kong to visit my sister. That’s another story. Second time I had my own family with 2 little kids. This time with my husband and no kids. The accessible beaches is the draw, as it is for the rest of the world who comes to Hawaii.

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