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Fun hikes in Hawaii that I am grateful to have experienced:

We booked a zipline experience for Wednesday. I was attracted to it on their website because it said it was good for all levels, no experience needed, only a few 5 minute hikes. I want a little fun but not a lot of challenge. That’s me. And this experience was just about right. I probably could’ve used a little more challenge, but it prepared me to zipline again. It was not scary at all, probably because it was made for beginners.

The next day, we went to the Likelike Falls. Being me who does not want a lot of challenge, I googled for an easy hike to a waterfall. We had the trail to ourselves on the way up which gave me plenty of space to go as slow as I wanted. It was muddy and uneven, and some steep areas. With my faithful husband to hang on to, it was just the right amount of challenge for me. The waterfall was small but hey, it was a waterfall.

We went on another hike to another waterfall on Monday, the day we left. Our flight was 8:45pm, so we had all day. The Waimea Falls and botanical garden was worth the $18pp admission. It was paved, too easy, but gave us plenty to enjoy in a beautiful natural setting of native plants. There were even occasional cultural displays (with real people manning the display) of huts, leaf weaving, etc. The waterfall was bigger with people swimming in the pond. They provide life jackets. Too bad we were not ready for swimming as we had already packed our stuff.

On Saturday, we went to the largest farmer’s market on the island. It wasn’t huge but it was fun. While our farmer’s markets also have local artists selling their crafts, this one is only food. One stall was one of the restaurants that was recommended by the Costco magazine. Yay, crossed that off my list. The food was good!

We didn’t realized that Diamond Head was right behind us. Diamond Head was another touristy thing I didn’t want to fall for. But since it was right there, we walked up to the monument – not the summit – and enjoyed a nice nature hike. We found out why that part of the island is so dry – there were desert plants. They told us the ambulance is sent for almost daily to rescue people from the hike up the summit. It’s deceiving because it’s less than a mile one way to the summit. But I think the steep climb and the heat can be a dangerous combo for the novice. I didn’t have a great desire to conquer the mountain. We settled for a Dole whip and a nice walk back down.

We logged in about 18,000 steps everyday.

Hawaii adventures to be continued

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