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I feel accomplished today.

I made a wreath that I’ve been wanting to do for a while. Walked up the street to a corner house with a cypress bush I’ve been eyeing. In broad daylight I cut some branches. It’s a big bush, on a corner slope, I’m sure no one cares. Crafting the wreath was fun, I enjoyed working on it while listening to a Family Life podcast on marriage with Crawford Loritts.

I decided I should do more things that spark joy in my life.

Why does this world have to operate on “no pain no gain”? Why can’t it be true that “cheesecake is really good for you”?

Most of my problems are because I don’t exercise. I haven’t done anything to fulfill my new year resolution to exercise. I put that resolution down every year, and nothing motivates me. I don’t like any of the options open to me, because they all take effort. My sister says if I pay for gym membership I’ll go to get my money’s worth…but it didn’t work. I can go play badminton at church on Thursdays which I enjoy, but I enjoy staying at home to read more. And it doesn’t help that my husband doesn’t want to exercise either. And he needs to, he has high blood pressure.

Other than going out to cut the cypress branches, I was home all day. Spent an inordinate amount of time reading about different essential oils! If it wasn’t for the invention of the internet, I’d probably go outside more.


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  1. Aaron Says:

    Congrats on finishing your art project!

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