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I applied a lesson from Proverbs today.

I’ve been reading one chapter of the book of Proverbs a day. On the first of the month, I read Proverbs 1, on the 2nd of the month, I read Proverbs 2, and so on (read a extra chapter on the short months). This is my 4th month reading Proverbs this way. I learned this from Greg Koukl of Stand To Reason.

Themes emerge from Proverbs as I read it again and again – justice, honesty, fairness, foolishness, talking too much (haven’t seen a proverb about not talking enough), laziness.

So that last one…today, I woke up not wanting to go to the Awana conference I had registered for. It’s Saturday, I came back late from Awana last night, I might be coming down with a cold, no one else I know is going…I had many excuses. Did I have valid reasons or was I being lazy? And if it’s laziness, then I am not heeding what the Bible teaches. Then why bother to read Proverbs daily if I am not going to apply its wisdom?

So I got up, got ready and went to the conference. And as always, when we obey God, he blesses us. The conference was great! I enjoyed the workshops, connected with others with passion for Awana, and saw someone I know! I came away with many ideas to improve our Awana. I have to admit, I only half-heartedly asked our Awana leaders to go because I wasn’t sure if it’d be worth it. When the conference comes around next year, I will definitely encourage everyone to go.

Spent a couple hours with Audrey and Danny just sitting around chatting. Hubby put up new drapes from HomeGoods in the family room. I approved of them, so we will return the drapes I bought from Costco, along with several other things I plan on returning.

And now get ready for bed and read Proverbs 19 – my favorite part of the day.


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