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Almost always on Monday my day off my husband and I go to Costco, for fun. We almost always don’t get out with less than $100 worth of stuff. Today was no exception. But almost always I return something, taking advantage of their generous return policy. But they make enough money off me, so I don’t feel bad at all.

Started the day with a Skype call with Odyssey in Taiwan. We met him this past October during our Short Term Mission. He loves reading Jane Austen, and now reading Agatha Christie, both are my favorite authors. So excited to talk to him, and hope to talk to him again. His wife and children are Christians but he’s not, yet. We pray often for his salvation.

I visit my friend DI about once or twice a year. We can talk for hours! I’ve known her for almost 20 years when she was one of my first customers from my real estate website. I helped her purchase her house and have been friends since. Twenty years ago was when real estate websites first came into being, and I did relatively well with it, considering I didn’t, and still don’t know much technology. I consider my most successful sale is to DI because she has become a good friend. Most of my customers do become my friends, but DI and I have a special connection over the years. I am thankful for her.

I am quite impressed with the customer service of Bath Bath & Beyond. We opened our ornament organizer, and decided to return it because it didn’t fit our ornaments. But we didn’t know how to fold it back into the original package. They refunded my open box with no questions asked.  I wasted a rehearsed a speech to argue with the store manager 🙂

Thankful today for my husband for doing the hard work of cleaning up all the Christmas decorations, taking out the tree, etc. The tree is still so green and beautiful, another excellent purchase from Costco.

Thankful for a day to do whatever I want, which included laundry that I’ve been wanting to wash.

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