It was pouring rain yesterday. Our pool is full, our rain barrel is full, our garden beds are puddling.

But today, I wake up to a perfect cool day with blue skies. And this is why people live in SoCal despite the traffic, the high cost of housing, high taxes, high gasoline prices, etc. etc. etc. A couple, friends my age, are planning their retirement to move out of CA for all those reasons. I don’t know how it would be to start over in unknown territory. But then I said I want to serve God in Taiwan…maybe it’s just a dream and a wish. Only God knows if I can handle it.

In an attempt to keep my new year resolution to exercise, I played basketball in our church gym for 3 minutes! I had the full court to myself. Dribbling up and down the court is tiring! Proud of myself for making a good percentage of baskets hahaha

In Awana tonight:

Speaker has a bag of candy as a skit prop.

Kids: Can we have some of the candy?

Me: I’m sorry, our church has a rule not to give out candy. Some children may have allergies.

Boy: No one ever has allergy to candy!



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