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I want to keep to my 2019 resolution to post daily to help me reflect. Today is Tuesday and I had to think very hard of what I did Saturday! I guess all I need to know is that it was a good day.

1/12/2019 Saturday

It’s not often that I have a wide open Saturday, so I texted my sister May and see if she’s available. We met up for early dinner at Mamas Lu. It’s dinner for her, but I ate dinner again. It was nice since we don’t do it often. We are pretty close, but the distance is not physical, it’s spiritual.

After that Mike and I shopped for hot pot Sunday dinner. I enjoy planning for a meal. It was fun to be out without specific obligations or responsibilities.

1/13/2019 Sunday

I try to attend Adult worship service once a month. This Sunday I was able  to do that and leave the Children Worship to the devoted volunteers. However, right after I sat down, I got a phone call from one of those volunteers, “Where are the pencils?” LOL I went out to get her the pencils and went back to adult worship.

Dinner was my highlight. Our friends Olu and Deanna came for dinner, we enjoyed a fun evening with hot pot, their first experience with that. We talked freely and able to scheduled for them to do training at our church. I hope to get together with them more. This also motivated me to invite people over more, as was our intention once we finished the floors. Now I have no excuse. Except if it’s a large group, I would rather have a bbq outside because we can’t accommodate that many inside. Looking forward to doing that in the summer.

1/14/2019 Monday

Met up with VW in the morning to prepare her house for sale. I was a real estate agent for 20+ years, and this was one of my favorite part of my job. When I can, I still join my husband in this part of real estate.

Finally we started painting the family room. Hopefully we will finish soon so we can put up new black-out drapes. Lots of touch ups needed because our unsteady hands paint go the line a lot. 😛

With the rain and cold weather, my husband and I haven’t been able to do our usual after dinner walk. So we “walk” and talk by stepping up and down on the one entry step. Do that for 15-20 minutes and it’s a good work out.

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