6/28/2013 Friday – Mesa Verde continued

Me: There’s the sign saying Mesa Verde National Park exit. Should I take it?

Husband: No. That’s not the route on the GPS. Follow the GPS.

20 minutes later, the GPS is telling me to turn down a narrow road behind some ranch house, and another turn that seems to lead nowhere. It’s also flat and not ascending up the mountain. I’ve never been to Mesa Verde, but all the pictures show that it’s a mountain and this is not looking like the pictures.

The sun is starting to set, there are no street lights, and I’m not getting a good feeling about this.

Me: Can we turn back and follow that exit sign to Mesa Verde National Park since we’re trying to get to Mesa Verde National Park? Seems to make sense, doesn’t it?

It’s dark when we make it back to that exit, no one is at the gate entrance to collect fees, and I’m wondering if we are on the right road to the Far View Lodge in Mesa Verde.

Just then a SUV with a driver that looks like she’s in ranger uniform comes up behind me. I waved her to stop and asked for directions. Fortunately she confirms that we’re on the right road, 15 miles up is our destination. I’m glad I asked.

Lessons learned, on many levels, are obvious.

To be continued…

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