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6/28/2013 Friday – Mesa Verde

The first thing we noticed about Far View Lodge is that there is no TV in the room. Woohoo! I’m excited!

We don’t have regular TV at home for a reason. We are not into pop culture. However, we do miss FoodNetwork, which is what we always watch when we stay in hotels. That’s not going to happen in Mesa Verde.

A room with a view of the mountains, that is plenty of entertainment: food for the soul, as they say.

There is also no AC, and there are moths in our room. Very much like a church retreat.

6/29/2013 Saturday – Mesa Verde

We woke up late, relaxed on our balcony to enjoy the clean air and blue skies, and an occasional hawk (or was it a raven?) gliding by.

Enjoyed a leisurely lunch while we waited for our bus tour to begin at 1:00pm.

The tour of the pueblos did not disappoint. Pit houses, the cliff dwellings, and a tour guide that talks slowly and deliberately were very enjoyable, even in 105F+ heat.

After dinner, it cooled down to a comfortable 85F,  so we walked around and explored more pit houses.

To be continued.


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