Some people look at their past with fond memories and like to relish in those remembrances. But I am not one of those.

While I am generally not a glass-half-empty type of person nor am I a perfectionist, but for some reason, I tend to think of my past with regret. I wish I had yelled at my kids less; I wish I had homeschooled them; I wish I had taught them to clean their rooms; I wish I had maintained a daily devotional time with them…. I wish I had been nicer to my husband early in our marriage; I wish I had been smart enough to popularize my blog 7 years ago; I wish I traveled more with my husband before we had kids; I wish I was more brave…..

As I pack up the house this week in preparation for new carpet to be put in, I am having to look through all the stuff of the past, and I am feeling sad. Those fun days with my kids when they were little are gone. I am old…

I don’t like to look at the past; I am ready for a new challenge.

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