I had the opportunity to present 2 workshops to parents this past Saturday.

Talking to other parents to share my experiences as a parent and knowledge that I’ve learned from my studies is something that I’ve been wanting to do. I’ve been looking for more opportunities to do workshops like this.

When I had 40 parents in front of me, I felt very humbled.  They’ve taken a few hours out of their lives on a Saturday to come to me to give them answers to their problems. Will my information be useful? Will I be able to help them be better parents? Can I make a difference in bettering their family life?

At the end when I looked at the evaluations, I was gratified that everyone gave me positive reviews on their feedback form. 100% of the responses said they would want to take another workshop from me. They didn’t think it was a complete waste of their time. :)

While giving workshops – a one-shot, shotgun approach – is fun, there just isn’t enough time nor is it the type of setting that can address people’s individual needs.

But I am glad to have some influence on parents no matter how big or little. I met some very nice people too.

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