I’ve studied the book of Acts many times. But I am forgetful. I never remember all the history of Paul’s travels, who the Roman and Jewish rulers were at his trials, and how all the other books of Paul are related in the timeline of Paul’s travels. So I am studying it again. In Acts […]

I remember having heart palpitations since junior high. As an adult, I asked my doctor about it, wore a 24-hour heart monitor, and was determined to have Premature Ventricular Complex or PVC. Whenever I go see the doctor and my pulse routinely checked, the nurse is often baffled by my irregular heartbeat. The doctor would […]

Before the days of cherry-flavored additives, medicine used to taste bad. My mom used to give us the medicine in one spoon, and quickly with another spoon stick some sweetened condensed milk in our mouth to get that yucky taste out. I actually looked forward to the medicine to get the sweetened condensed milk! To […]


About a month ago, my 89-year-old aunt passed away. When I was in about 7th grade, she sewed me a cape, a Sherlock Holmes kind of cape, fully lined, with a zipper in the front, and slits for the hands. With the little bit of fabric left, she made a matching skirt. I kept that […]

Here’s another thought I had about George Muller. His first desire was to be a missionary. He left Prussia to go to England to receive training to reach the Jews, with the intention of going to Russia after his training. However, while in England, he saw the great needs there and decided he can share […]

Most people have heard at least a little bit of the life of George Muller. He is most famous for starting an orphanage that eventually served thousands of street children in Bristol, England. I finished reading the biography of George Muller, the easy version written for elementary age level in the “Christian Heroes: Then & […]

I found a box of letters that friends had written to me – when I was in college – 30 years ago! It’s like finding a time capsule. The letters reminded me of things I’ve forgotten about in my own life. I knew that I went to Japan and Hong Kong when I was in […]

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I’m sure everyone is writing about 9/11 today; I’ll add some of my random thoughts about life. I believe that war and violence is a part of this life. Our hearts are full of selfishness, impure motives, and wickedness; there can be no peace. Whether it is global peace, national peace, or inner peace, there […]


The post at Trey’s blog about church being a jerk factory made me sad, sad because it’s all too true. Why do we see quarrels within the church? Why is there gossiping and bitterness in the church? Shouldn’t the church be a place of refuge from the “jerkness” in the world? One of the comments […]


If you know me, you know I’m a Hello Kitty fan. I don’t like cats, but I make an exception for Hello Kitty. On our recent trip to Japan, I saw Hello Kitty everywhere! She was in temple souvenir shops, museum souvenir shops, in the sake factory, in the sushi restaurant, dressed in kimono, dressed […]