Disneyland 2006

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Even without my caption you know this is Disneyland. Mike, Amy and I spent the whole day there, 13 hours to be exact.

We go once a year on the day when Audrey is there with the Walnut High School band.

I will blog more about this later.

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  1. Katy’s Weblog » Blog Archive » Believe it or not Says:

    […] No waiting at Astro Blaster. We came out of it and went right back in to ride it again. No waiting at Pirates of the Carribean. The updated improvements were well done. No more “Hoho, hoho, a pirate’s life for me…” 15 minutes wait at Indian Jones. Too bad we didn’t want to go on it. It’s too scary and jerky for Amy. It hurt my neck last time I was there. 5 minutes wait at Autopia. We went on it twice. 5 minutes wait at Splash Mountain. Didn’t go on that, nor Space Mountain, nor the Matterhorn, all a historical 15 minute wait only. We wasted the only opportunity we would ever go on those rides. But Amy and I can’t stomach the roller coasters. Well, I would’ve done Matterhorn. This was two Fridays ago when Mike, Amy and I went to Disneyland. This is our annual trip to watch Audrey march in the Disneyland Parade with Walnut High School. This is the last year we will be able to see her march in a parade at Disneyland! It is too sad… But God gave us a perfect day. The weather was a near perfect 70F. We bundled up in the evening, but it wasn’t that cold. […]