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I think I have the best job in the world. The pay is ok, the health benefits are great though, and we have a great staff.

I don’t know if I spoke out of line today at staff meeting. I process externally, and just say what I think. HL is the same, so if we disagree, it may sound bad. But that’s just the way we talk. I wish PT was there today, he can usually give clarity and he understands me. We don’t always agree, but we can agree to disagree.

I am thankful for our staff who challenges me to think differently. Though we may disagree, I respect their views and their final decisions. I didn’t always feel this way with my former church leadership. Maybe I was just less humble then.

I am also thankful for seeing the openness and maturity in our pastors. They admit their faults and where they need to grow. This staff is in some ways a small group for me. We don’t get too personal, but we do share our concerns and our spiritual walk. And having a shared common interest in ministry makes it easier for me to relate to them.

I am in a couple of groups, and I lead these groups. I am not in a group that I don’t lead, except staff meeting.

While I’ve been praying and keeping my eyes open for a mentor/coach for a while now, Pastor A has been in that role to me. Maybe I don’t need another. But maybe I don’t know what I’m missing by not having this type of relationship with a woman.

Maybe I like Pastor A because he’s not over sympathetic as women tend to be. He can just point out the facts, which I appreciate. Like when he told me I shouldn’t think about retirement. I don’t know if a woman would tell me that. I would imagine a woman would be sympathetic and tell me it’s ok to retire. I like people to challenge my thinking because I am sure I’m often wrong.

My husband doesn’t challenge me too often. He’s too nice and he loves me too much. Once in a while he’ll not give in to me, and then I get mad. I’ve been spoiled by him. But if other people point out my sin, I don’t mind it. I may react with defensiveness at a first response. But I do think about it and appreciate the challenge. Everyone should be open to criticism. Isn’t that how we grow?



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