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“Don’t even think about retirement, Katy!”

That’s what my Senior Pastor said to me, no less than 3 times.

I want to be here at our church in 10 years when a new English senior pastor will take over. It’ll be an exciting season. I love transitions when the next generation takes over. I don’t like old people. I can say that because I’m old. I want young people to take over my job. I don’t mind working under young leadership.┬áThat would be exciting for the church.

But there’s more I want to see happen under my watch. So my pastor says to keep going. Don’t think about retiring. Look forward and work towards those things I want to see happen.

As I was talking to my pastor, I realized that going on STM is what refreshes me and keeps me going. Every year I say I don’t want to go – why take on extra work and get all tired and stressed? Finally it dawned on me: God uses STM to give me vision, to renew my mind and heart for the Gospel. Every year my prayer is to have more love for the lost. God is answering that prayer, giving me a greater love for the Gospel. As I share it with people in Taiwan who has such little knowledge and exposure to Jesus, I am more and more grateful that God chose me to be His child and my love for the Gospel grows.

STM keeps me going in children ministry. Now I’m more excited to go on STM next year, God willing.


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