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Such a big event happened on Saturday and I didn’t blog about it!

For the past month, Amy and I have been planning the baby shower for Audrey! As with all events, we never feel fully prepared. My only responsibilities are the food and party favor.

In the old days I would do some homemade stuff. But now I don’t want that stress. My brain just can’t handle all the steps needed to put it together. I think I have too much in my brain with work that the only creative thing I can handle making kombucha. I’ll write about that next.

Everyone loves Porto’s so I ordered it, had my SIL pick it up. Got some salad from Costco. Infusing 2 water dispensers with lemon/mint, and hibiscus/blueberry brought it up a notch :)

The highlight were the ham and cheese sliders with Pooh and Piglet buns made by my DIL’s friends! So cute you don’t want to eat them.

Amy planned out the decorations, kept it simple, but a clear theme of Pooh and Piglet, year of the pig. Had a friend take pictures. It all turned out great!

Oh the party favors – I got the idea from a friend – a tea leaves bar with 3 different kinds to choose from. Audrey loves tea. Everything from Amazon – easy. Cute Pooh bags from Daiso.

I asked 3 moms to share a verse and advice, then I shared as well. However, I didn’t have a verse! I was focusing on explaining how the gospel applies to parenting that I forgot to share a verse. And I was hoping a bit of the gospel message would open a crack in the unbelievers in attendance. But wow, no Bible verse to point them to…does that reveal something about my heart?

To be honest, lately I’ve slacked off in Bible reading. I still read the Bible but not taking time to truly meditate on it. My attention has been drawn to ministry related books. It really doesn’t make sense to read ministry books to do God’s work when I don’t read THE Book to hear from God himself on how to do His work.


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