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I have no complaints about our vacation. Seriously, who can complain about Hawaii??

FOMO is a thing with me. I don’t want to come all the way to Oahu and miss something that everyone else had done on the island. I had a list of stuff I wanted to do, and I am quite satisfied that we did just about everything I needed to do.

Here’s a short list:

Went snorkeling twice. I knew we had to snorkel at least once, you just can’t go to Hawaii without doing that. On Tuesday, our second day, on our drive to North Shore to experience the various beaches, we stumbled upon Shark’s Cove that my friend recommended. We had our stuff in the car, and decided to just do it. It wasn’t like the pictures with Nemos and Dorys all around. I think it’s because we didn’t risk going out farther from shore. But it was great even so just to see fish up close and personal.

Then on Friday, we decided to drive to Hanauma Bay just to look at it from above. I didn’t want to fall into the tourist thing of snorkeling there. It doesn’t seem right to have to pay $7.50 pp to go to a beach in Hawaii. But when we saw how everyone was there just enjoying the beach and didn’t seem touristy at all, we decided to pay the fee to go in. I’m glad we did, otherwise I would regret it. Again we stayed close to shore but still got to see a good number of fish, bigger and more fish than Shark’s Cove.

Same Tuesday on the drive to North Shore, I wanted to find the beach with turtles. On the way to where I thought we’d spot them, based on Tripadvisor comments, we saw cars parked along the road. Of course we had to join the excitement. I love to go where the crowd goes. Lo and behold, 3 turtles were on the beach!

Then on Thursday, we went to lookout points for views – blowhole and the lighthouse, and we saw turtles swimming near the shore. They didn’t beach but it was fun to see them swimming.

To be continued


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