We left on 6/26/2013 for a road trip to Salt Lake City. The occasion: destination wedding of a good friend.

Here are some reflections:

6/26 Wednesday – 4-hour drive to Vegas

Checked into Treasure Island

Me: [opens closet] That’s the biggest safe I’ve ever seen in a hotel. Must be for all the winnings.

Daughter: That’s the microwave!

(Why is the microwave in the closet???)


Husband: This hotel doesn’t have a microwave. How cheap.

Daughter & Me: We found the microwave!

Covered our noses as we walked through every casino, except the MGM Grand. It’s so  huge that the cigarette smoke is well diffused.

Bachanal Buffet was definitely worth the $50/person. The large open room where we sat for 2 1/2 hours enjoying every bite was a bright clean atmosphere that was a welcomed change from the congestion of the city. All the macarons you can eat.

Cirque du Soleil Mystere was not impressive. They have nothing over the China acrobates.

6/27 Thursday 

Skipped breakfast so we can get our money’s worth for lunch at the Le Village Buffet at Paris.

We’ve had enough of the Strip. Unless an occasion beckons, I don’t see myself coming back ever. It’s called Sin City for good reasons, and  seeing people lost in sin makes me sad. Being here has prompted me to pray more for God to have mercy on us all.

On to Mesa Verde.

To be continued.



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