I am talking to a friend about where she plays tennis, I’d like to join her. “What do you wear to play?” she asks. “T-shirt and shorts, is that ok?” Why does she want to know what I wear?? Then I hear a vibrate noise and I check my phone – but it’s not my […]


For some reason, every dream I have about going to the bathroom is a bad dream. I’ve had dreams of bathrooms that are filthy, flooded, with weird shaped toilets, with too many people around, with no doors, with doors that do not lock, with multiple doors that pop open, in a creepy basement, in an […]

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I dreamt last night that I was having a baby. My water broke but the baby wasn’t coming out. Then I woke up and had to go to the bathroom. A full bladder probably explained why I had that dream. If I had to do it again, I would plan my life to adopt a […]

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I was inspired by EK to blog my dreams. There is a reoccurring theme in a few of my dreams: I would go into a house that is either our own house or one that we are considering buying. When I enter the bedrooms, there are secret rooms behind those rooms. The house turns out […]