This sauce is good with Mexican or Mediterranean inspired dishes. Here are the ingredients. Blend it all together till smooth. It’s a thin sauce to be drizzled over the meat or veggies (think shredded cabbage, cucumbers and tomatoes). Greek yogurt, plain, I use full fat yogurt Garlic – to taste Green onion – as much […]

I made this a few weeks ago, thought it was pretty good. Posting this so I’ll remember: Beef shank Beef tendon Daikon large piece of ginger, smashed about 6 cloves of garlic, smashed 1 onion, into wedges 1 tomato, cut, highly recommend 2 dried chilies, or more if you want 1 T ketchup, optional 1/4-1/2 […]


This is the best Char Sui Chinese roast pork sauce I’ve had. The original recipe is from one of my favorite recipe sites. She’s paleo which means I can eat most of what she makes. Her cookbook is beautiful! As with every recipe, I tweak it with what I have on hand. So here’s my […]


I made this to put on my broiled pomfret. It’s an adaptation of several sauces I was looking at. I think I’ll make it again to put on other dishes. 1/2 – 1 Tablespoon lemon juice – or lime but I only had lemon. I used 1/2 because I don’t like it too sour 1/2 […]


I don’t eat spicy, but decided to make some hot wings for a potluck. This sauce turned out well. Spicyness can be adjusted according to your taste. You can use this for anything. I think I’ll use it on ribs next time. I don’t measure, all according to taste, so these are approximate measures for […]


This is a basic “Asian” flavor marinade. Anytime you use soy sauce and garlic, it tastes Asian. You can add variations to it to make it different every time: siracha or red pepper flakes, 5 spice, herbs, lemon zest are a few examples. I used it for pork chops, but I think it’d be good […]

I like sauces because they are usually easy to mix up, and adds extra flavor to any food. Last night I had some leftover grilled fish. I don’t like to eat leftovers for dinner. Lunch is ok, but dinner is my biggest and most enjoyable meal, so I like to have something interesting – not […]

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I am adding a new category – Sauces I want to experiment with cooking but I don’t like to have to get all complicated and buy multitudes of ingredients. So I decided to experiment with sauces. If the sauce is good, it makes all the difference in the meal. I also like sauces because they […]