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I like to read biographies of famous people from the children section of the library. The easy reading highlights interesting facts about well-known people that are not so well-known to me. At dinner one day, while my family was talking about games to play in the swimming pool, we asked the question, “Why is that […]

I read this somewhere. Just want to post it here so I can remember it and look it up whenever I need to be reminded. Prayer is our greatest privilege and our most lasting legacy as parents. You’ll never be a perfect parent, but you can be a praying parent. Prayer turns ordinary parents into prophets […]

Whenever we go to the library, I look for a mystery book. I picked up Mistletoe and Mayhem because the setting is the 1800s in the UK. The cover drew my attention; it says, “Never Before Published!” Aren’t most books never before published? Is it a good thing to be never before published? The book […]