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Our vacation, continued.

6/27/2013 Thursday – Hoover Dam

After we left Vegas, we did a quick stop at Hoover Dam. In 105F+ temperature, we did not feel like getting out! Just to say we’ve been there is good enough for now. No strong desire to pay to take the power plant tour. It’s not on my bucket list.

I know the dam is a great engineering feat, but seeing a huge wall of concrete just does not hold my interest. I kept wanting to get a view the powerful rushing river that generates the electricity. Ignorant as I am about dams, it makes sense to me now that the river is no longer “rushing.”

On to a 4-hour drive to Flagstaff for an overnight stay enroute to Mesa Verde.

6/28/2013 Friday – Flagstaff

The hardest part of any trip for us is deciding where to eat.

I don’t eat simply to get full. I eat for the experience. Though we did stop at fast food places “just to get full”, we don’t default to that unless we have to, i.e. when my husband irritably says, “Just stop there, I’m hungry.”

We spend much of an evening deciding what and where to eat the next day. What would we do without FoodNetwork to help us with that search?

Guy Fieri’s Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives led us to Brandy’s.

The show featured dinner, but they now close at 3pm. What’s the story? The waiter told us that the restaurant originally served only breakfast and lunch. A chef joined the staff and expanded the hours to dinner for 2 years before he left to Vegas to do his own thing. Now they are back to the breakfast and lunch only.

Nevertheless, we enjoyed our lunch there. Service was excellent, and got 10% off for checking in on Facebook.

Next stop: Mesa Verde.


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