Dear children, As much as I tried to be, I must admit I wasn’t the perfect parent to you. So I am looking in hindsight and analyzing what I should’ve done and shouldn’t have done, so that you can be aware of issues you might need to work on in your life. Hopefully this will […]

My son got an iPhone…I got an iPhone. My son got a MacBook…I got his hand me down MacBook. My son went to Vietnam….I went to Vietnam to visit him. My son went to San Francisco…I went to San Francisco to visit him. My son bought a Roomba…I bought a Roomba. My latest purchase was […]

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When you see someone with stuff in their teeth, the big question is, do you tell them or not?? Imagine feeling confident because your hair looks great. At the end of the day, you realize no one told you that there’s green stuff stuck in your teeth. All day you were thinking how everyone must […]

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