Traveling across the world used to be a big thing.  Well, it still is, if you think about the amazing airplane that not only defy gravity, but holds 200+ people and tons of luggage with it. But most people nowadays take for granted our ability to travel thousands of miles in a relatively short time. […]

John Maxwell is one of my favorite authors. His writings are practical and inspirational  Put Your Dream to the Test is a book appropriate for those want to make the most our of their life; that hopefully means everyone. Maxwell outlines ten questions to define our dream and put a plan to our dream. He […]


Due to shoulder pains when I sit at the computer, I’ve not posted. With age comes aches and pains, and I don’t like it. A friend said that when she keeps busy, she forgets about the pain. I think it is a true principle that when we do things to serve others, a lot of […]

The way we live may be considered “the good life” – prosperous and doing whatever we please, having  a good time. We think the “gray areas” are not so bad; the ends justify the means and the means justify the ends. We are accountable to no one. But God sees all. From God’s perspective, sin […]