Traveling across the world used to be a big thing.  Well, it still is, if you think about the amazing airplane that not only defy gravity, but holds 200+ people and tons of luggage with it.

But most people nowadays take for granted our ability to travel thousands of miles in a relatively short time.

I will be going halfway across the world for our vacation – in a mere 13 hours. And during that time on the plane, I could probably finish reading a couple of good books.

I grew up with my dad encouraging us and giving us the opportunity to travel. I went to Taiwan, Japan, and Hong Kong by myself after college. It would’ve been really fun if I was mature enough to enjoy it, and if I had a companion. That experience did not instill in me the travel bug.  I can take it or leave it.

However, my children love to travel. They are adventurous and global-minded. And from them I am once again encouraged to travel. How fortunate I am to have so many chances to do fun things in this life.

And when I am finished in this life, there’s the one to come where it would be a greater adventure.

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