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So here I go with 7 things about me that you don’t know:

1. I didn’t like kids before I had my own and never wanted to help out in the nursery at church.
2. If I was younger, I would have one more baby…
3. I read a romance novel in 6th grade, the heroine’s name was Chantel. I wanted to name my daughter after her. I am sure my daughter’s glad I didn’t.
4. I came close to marrying 2 doctors.
5. I weigh the same now as the day I got married up until last month. Now I am 2 lbs heavier than the day I got married. My husband, on the other hand…
6. I was the most active among the girls in my family – I played high school tennis and badminton, I played racquetball regularly, I went backpacking and camping. Now 30 years later, my sisters go to the gym religiously, and I do absolutely nothing physical.
7. Deep inside, I’m still a kid. But you might already know that.

I tag Elliot, Eugenia, and Amy

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