Warning: Spoiler ahead.

This is the weirdest rendition of Sherlock Holmes I’ve read. I thought Holmes having a female partner and then marrying her was off the wall. In this book, Exit Sherlock Holmes by Robert Lee Hall, everything about Holmes’ mysterious background is explained. Where did he acquire his many skills as an actor, violinist, fencer, scientist, and detective? What is his actual relationship with arch enemy Moriarty? How come he never talks about his family, but somehow a brother Mycroft is smarter than him?

Exit Sherlock Holmes explains everything. Sit down for this one.

Sherlock Holmes came to England from the future on a Time Machine…

There’s more…He and Moriarty were test tube babies where all babies in the futures were genetically engineered with certain desired traits. Moriarty used his skills and turned to the dark side…

There’s more…Mycroft is not really his brother…

There’s a lot more about Sherlock Holmes that is limited only by your imagination.

The book was a fun read, but when I read Sherlock Holmes, I am not expecting to read science fiction.

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  1. Pete Aldin Says:

    You read it!

    It’s wierd huh? Now you know my predisposition toward scifi, you will understand why I think this is the best Holmes book.

    I think you’ll like Nicolas Meyer’s two novels from the 70s more. They’re more purist Holmes with a few twists. The Seven Percent Solution and I think the other was The Westend Horror.

  2. Joyful Says:

    Thanks Pete, I will order those from the library now!

  3. Pete Aldin Says:

    If only we were neighbors, I could loan you one right now! Just found it on my shelf.

    Hope you enjoy them!

  4. Joyful Says:

    It would be nice to be your neighbor! I don’t buy books. I always borrow them!

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