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A friend just told me he is going to Venice for a few days vacation in May. I am jealous!

With business being slow, we need to find Cheap Holidays.

According to Fodors, the Amalfi Coast, Amsterdam, and Bangkok are some of the top world destinations. Japan is where I would like to go, but it’s not on their list.  It is unlikely that going to any of those places would be within my budget – unless I go by myself, which of course is no fun.

If we stay within North America, it would be cheaper. We’ve never been to Vancouver, Canada, nor Alaska. Someone at church told me that she and her husband quit their jobs last year, drove up to Alaska in a RV, and spent 3 months touring all around Alaska. What did you do there, I asked. Fishing.

When they came home, they got new jobs – there are advantages to being in a high demand field like nursing where you can be guaranteed a job just about anywhere, anytime.

Spending an extended time in one place is something my husband and I talked about doing when we retire. I am, however, basically a homebody. I don’t know if I can handle a long time away from home. But it may be fun to try it out.

But I am not going to think that far in advance. I may not live that long. I merely want to plan a small getaway this summer. But first thing first, I have to renew my passport.

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  1. David Sutoyo Says:

    Costco seems to have some decent getaway packages. We’re also Hyatt members, and we’ve been getting some decent deals to their resort in Sedona. Looks interesting.

  2. Joyful Says:

    Ok, we’ll check Costco. We get just about everything else there.

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