…why no one has come up with another umbrella design that is more resistant to wind?

…why sporks and knorks have not caught on as formal silverware?

…why no graduate has refused to wear the ugly square hats? Why hasn’t someone redesigned it?

…why Build-a-Bears are popular? They are not that cute!

…why don’t publishers print books in standard sizes so book shelves can be uniform sizes and all books would fit nicely?

…why I still have a Rolodex on my desk even though I have most of my contacts stored electronically?

2 Responses to “I wonder”

  1. eugenia Says:

    Because you can’t spear with a spork and you shouldn’t put a knife in your mouth 😛

    …why is there always traffic for no reason?

  2. Joyful Says:

    Traffic, ugh!