Gordon MacDonald offered 4 principles to live by that I would like to apply to myself:

1. Experience conversion on a daily basis. “I want the freshness of conversion every day,” MacDonald said. Each morning, he recommits his life to Jesus as part of his devotional time. “It’s fun to accept Jesus all over again.”

MacDonald also recommits himself to his marriage vows every morning, and have seen his marriage strengthened.

I think those are great ways to start the day. I’m going to try it.

2. Support your life with daily discipline. MacDonald literally wrote the book on discipline – Ordering Your Private World, which I read many years ago. Recently I read The Life You’ve Always Wanted which is also about practicing the disciplines, but coming from a slightly different perspective. I am an ENFP – that’s my excuse for being undisciplined. However, I am working on correcting my bad habits.

3. Live out of a sense of call. MacDonald asked God, “Do you have a fresh call for a 64-year-old guy?” As I consider this period of my life – a mid-life crisis – I also am asking God, “Do you have a fresh call for this almost-50-year-old gal?”

4. Develop community around you. In American society, we value busyness, tasks, and goals. It takes some effort, out of our ordinary routine to get into conversation, spend time, and develop relationship with people. I would like to spend some effort in developing my community of friends.

2 Responses to “Four principles to live by”

  1. Tony Says:

    Hurray for ENFP’s!

  2. Joyful Says:

    Oh, now I understand.