I was talking to a friend who was considering moving out of California.

It made me think if I would ever move out of California one day.

To uproot from one’s home state of over 40 years, there’s got to be a darn good reason. I can’t imagine moving just for the sake of a change.

If there is no job reason, no family reason, and no climate reason to move, are there other reasons one would want to start afresh in a new neighborhood?

Cheaper housing could be a good reason. Many like to retire in Las Vegas. The Las Vegas real estate market has dropped only about 2%. The median price of a condo is about $195,000. That’s affordable.

I don’t think I would ever consider moving far across the country. That would be too drastic a change. For example, the Georgia real estate market looks about the same as California. A new home of 2,000 sqft in a golf community goes for about $400,000 in Savannah. There’s no advantage there.

My brother-in-law lives in Houston. I don’t know how the Houston real estate market is doing, but he doesn’t want to move to California because the housing prices are too high for him.

I had a client who bought a house in Arizona 10 years ago with the intention of moving there to retire. A couple of years ago, I sold their house here in Rowland Heights and they moved to Arizona. I asked why they chose that small town in Arizona. Do you know people there? No – No family, no friends, no prior connections. They’ve vacationed there and decided they liked the environment of open space.

That’s rather courageous.

I think as I get older, it is less likely that I would want to make any drastic moves.

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