It’s been a while since I’ve posted.

I’ve been reading various books but didn’t finish one to post till now.

I found this book very insightful and inspiring, highly recommend this old treasure. I love the style of writing of old books.

Books I started and did not finish:

Growing Together by Melissa Kruger

I heard someone talk about this book as a good book for mentoring women. It’s very basic, not all that insightful. I read half of it, but decided I don’t need to waste time with the rest of it. If I want to use it for mentoring, I will read it with my mentee, which is primarily the purpose of this book. There are discussion questions after each chapter. The chapters are a good springboard for discussion, but I wouldn’t rely on it totally because it’s too basic.

The Spiritually Vibrant Home by Don Everts

Someone left this book in my box at church. I read the first chapter and would like to read it. But it’s not engaging enough to be a priority.

Sacred Fire by Ronald Rolheiser

This is a self reflection type of book. A speaker I was listening to said he reads the last chapter every year as he gets older to give him perspective on aging. I need a perspective of aging so I bought the book.

The premise is that when we are young, we aim to give our lives away in doing things for others. When we are old we can no longer do things for others. We should aim to give our death away. That is to die well, continuing in good character and faith.

I would like to read this book, and I will try to read that last chapter every year. However, I don’t want to be reminded that I will die! The reality is, everyone is closer to dying as each day passes. When you’re old, you feel it more. I am feeling it.

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