I bought this book, by Voddie Baucham Jr. after hearing about it on a podcast, when my older daughter was starting to date. I skimmed it and didn’t think much of it. My daughter has been married for 3 years with a one-year old baby now, and I just read the book thoroughly.

I should’ve read it thoroughly when I first bought it.

Don’t let the title fool you. It’s not only for parents with a daughter. I highly recommend this to everyone – singles, married, at all stages of life.

The book is relevant to show us biblical thinking about the family, about raising children, about launching children, and of course, about dating. It’s important for singles to read this to prepare themselves for dating and marriage. And it’s relevant for both men and women.

After reading the book, I wish I had done more to prepare our son to be a man. By God’s grace, he turned out well. But we could’ve guided him better.

Hence, parents of young children should read this so they can start early to raise their children towards being a godly man/woman with the right view of manhood/womanhood, and potentially as a husband/wife, father/mother.

Also by God’s grace, my older daughter had a biblical view of dating and marriage, and married a godly man. Again, we could’ve done more to guide her and him.

I have one more chance with my younger daughter. She’s not married yet. Again, by God’s grace, she’s a godly woman who has a biblical view of dating and marriage. I trust her, as I trusted my older daughter, to make a good choice of a godly husband.

It’s never too late though. We as parents of adult children still has influence on them. I have opportunities today to impact them in having a biblical view of marriage and parenthood. I’m going to buy them this book!

It’s an easy read, it reads like I’m listening to Voddie talk.

I’ve always been a Voddie Baucham fan. I learned a lot about family and family ministry from him.

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