It took me a long time to read this book, not because it’s not interesting. I was just caught up in reading a lot of blog posts about church things. It seemed more urgent to learn about how to run a church than to learn about the holiness of God…which of course is a case of wrong thinking.

I will have to read this book again. At the end of each chapter there are reflection questions. I thought about them quickly but not really seriously. If I read the book again, I’m sure I’d get more out of it. It’s a good book.

There were parts I didn’t like. There was a big section on Of Mice and Men that I thought was unnecessary. It wasn’t that great of an illustration of the point on how the world cannot tolerate Jesus.

I also thought there was too much information on Martin Luther’s mental illness.

The book did help me appreciate the holiness and transcendence of God. We tend to make everything casual nowadays. We don’t dress up for church, we hardly dress up for weddings; we do still dress up for funerals. The idea of sacredness is hardly practiced with anything. I do miss that. I miss being in a church that is esthetically beautiful…I don’t miss dressing up for church though. I am a casual person.

I’m behind in reading a book a month. You would like with no where to go during this COVID pandemic I would have more time. But I don’t.


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