Elisabeth Elliot is one of my heroes.

I salvaged this book from the box of church library books. Never throw away an Elisabeth Elliot book, no matter how old the cover looks! Turns out my daughter purchased a new copy! Sigh…

There was so much in this book to think about as I read it.

“Nobody’s going to tell me what to do!” is the mindset of the modern mind. To be a disciple of Christ is to discipline ourselves to do what Christ tells us to do.

“The most overwhelming losses of my life, those that I feared most, have in fact been “…far outweighed by the gain of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord…” I can never prove it to anybody. I cannot demonstrate it logically or scientifically. I only know that it is true and would say so with all my to others, who, desiring to know Christ in all His fullness – in the power of His resurrection and in the fellowship of His suffering – yet fear loss. Do not be afraid. Do not be afraid. Do not be afraid. The gain will outweigh everything.” p 117-118.

I am afraid. I am afraid of losing my family. I am afraid of losing my health. I am afraid of getting old and useless. I am afraid of the rampant lawlessness in our society. I’m afraid of uncontrollable virus.

Though I’ve experienced loss, and yes, it is true I’ve come to know Christ more through them, I don’t want to go through loss again. I don’t know how I survived this far, I know it is Christ who strengthens me. But now I feel weak. I feel I can’t go through losses again. I’m enjoying my life…I have to let go. I have to gladly surrender.
Thank you, Elisabeth Elliot, for encouraging me – Do not be afraid. Do not be afraid. Do not be afraid.

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