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The best thing about not going to physical church for Sunday worship is I can relax and enjoy worship at home with my husband and daughter. That doesn’t happen when I am in Children Ministry at the physical church. Even though the online worship is not the same as being together with the church, the worship experience is still nurturing to my soul. This is a call for me to seek out worship when we go back. I used to go to evening service at another church, but I’ve not found a church with a good evening service on Saturday night. I’m usually too tired after the morning to attend a Sunday evening service.

I really value people who think outside the box, seek out new ideas, and are not resistant to change. In this time of a changing world, I appreciate more than ever people who can anticipate the future. I wish I am good at that. I can only ask the questions and want to do things differently, but I have no answers. I think those who truly study the stock market trends are good at that.

When this safe at home order is over and we go back to church, I hope that our church will be different. I hope we would cut the fluff and focus on the main thing. But see, I don’t have any answers. I don’t know what the fluff is, and I don’t want how we should be different.

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