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Being a missionary in the jungles of Africa is risky.

Going to the market in COVID-19 pandemic is risky.

I think it’s a dishonor to the missionaries to use the word “risky” in both situations.

I really like online meet ups. Makes relationships so much more accessible, more efficient, and depth of sharing is the same if not better. You cut to the chase without the in-person chit chat to warm up, etc. etc. But when the option of in-person is available, it seems somehow insincere to do online with those without distance barrier. I would never think of webcamming someone 5 miles away, but now I do. And it’s great.

So much good is coming out of COVID-19. Most of all, I am praying for a spiritual revival of turning to God from idols of materialism and self-sufficiency. And that’s including myself in that prayer too.



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