When I need a break from reading heavy material, I read a Christian Hero biography series. I can read one in a few hours and fulfill my monthly book read.

I have not heard of Ida Scudder. I think I will highlight her in mission sharing with the church children one day. She served as a missionary doctor in India as a single woman from 1900-1960!

Ida was born to a missionary family of doctors, and pioneered training women as nurses and doctors in India. She was born in India and died in India.

I’m glad to lived a long life – died just a few months before her 90th birthday. She was healthy until the day she died. That’s a good way to go.

Biographies of Christian heroes inspire me to live boldly. Ida hiked the Himalayas in her 60’s, went back and forth from India to US when travel was slow (2-3 months on a ship) and dangerous. She lived through two World Wars. People in those days have grit.

I am not a bold person. I am too soft and too used to comfort. I blame that on my mom who used to tell me, when I was in elementary school, not to go to school when it was raining or when it was cold.

I thank God for raising up people like Ida who inspires to do just a bit more.


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