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“I like the way you dress!” That’s probably the first time I’ve ever heard that said to me!

My sister is the one with the fashion sense. I would wear the same thing everyday if I could. My favorite store is Salvation Army Thrift Store.

Today I wore a trench coat that I bought more than 10 years. Two people complimented me on it. I think it’s because it went out of fashion and now back in fashion. I should’ve kept some of my other old clothes. That’s what my daughter tells me. There’s nothing new under the sun.

Had a nice leisurely lunch and great conversation with a friend. Actually she is one of my daughter’s best friends, and I feel like she is one of my best friends too. We can talk about every subject. Yes, I am her friendtor – friend mentor, but I learn a lot from her too.

I hardly talked to any of the children today. Attendance was low, all the disciplers were there, so I was able to spend time with some of the preschool team. They had concerns about their older children. I probably didn’t listen enough. The thing is, we’ve talked about it before. They are not giving me new information, and just want to vent. I don’t want to let them vent. It ends up as complaining about some people. I understand their concern. They are good parents. If I were them, I’d voice my concern too. From my vantage point now, I am there to give them perspective that maybe they don’t see.┬áNothing can change for now. We are working on it. They have to accept the situation and be kind and patient. We are a church family. Your kids can grow through this situation.

What I should’ve emphasized more was God’s sovereign control. He knows what your child needs. We are working on it, but if things don’t change for now, God will take care of your children.

I attended worship service today, which I really needed. I was able to concentrate. Attendance was lower, which is actually kind of nice.



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