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It was a perfect day to be outdoors, so hubby and I went to the park. We found a flat basketball on the court, it was so fun just trying to shoot baskets! We probably hit less than 10% accurately haha. No one was there to laugh at us except ourselves.

Now I remember how fun sports is. It’s been a while since we’ve run around like that. Great exercise while having fun. I miss playing tennis/any racket sport. I’ve gotten so lazy.

We put the ball back behind the trashcan where we found it. After our walk, I went back to play some more and the ball was gone! “Let’s buy a basketball and come play for fun every Monday!” Hopefully we will get better. I decided I need to get out more for exercise that is fun.

Our usual date on my day off is Costco and Lowe’s. Today we added Walmart, Pier 1, and Marshalls at the Chino Spectrum because we were there for In N Out using a gift card.

There were 3 cents left on the gift card after our meal.

Cashier: Do you want me to throw that away for you?

Me: No, I’ll keep it.

A penny saved is a penny earned! It’s 3 cents off next time I go to In N Out. Afterall, hubby used over 15 minutes of his life waiting in the Costco gas line to save $3.  (I told him it’s not worth his time, but I think he enjoys his quiet time while I go into Costco first. It’d be stupid for both of us to waste 15 minutes of our life for the same $3.)

I bought dip that was on sample – free samples usually works on me. The toilet paper and bottled water shelves were empty. What’s the point of hoarding water? Will the virus pandemic infect our water supply?? Will the tap water be cut off?? I stored water for the big earthquake and have since used it to water the garden.

A few years ago when we were in Taiwan during a typhoon, we had to hoard water and microwavable food from 7-Eleven. The shelves were pretty empty. We couldn’t go out for 2 days. That’s when you need to hoard. We felt safe in the hotel with our instant food. Water was actually not a problem, but there was a potential for broken water lines.

Speaking of Taiwan, we will most likely not go to Taiwan for STM this year. We’ve been there for the last 4 years. It feels strange not to go back this year. But I felt since the end of last year’s trip that we wouldn’t go back. There are many signs that our part in the ministry there is done, at least for now for the university cafe ministry. This decision was made prior to Coronavirus, and the travel restrictions now is just additional confirmation.

I thank God for the experiences of the last 4 years in Taiwan STM. It’s been more than I can imagine. In a future post I will reflect on highlights and lessons of each year, before I forget.







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