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I showed the children some pictures of the beginning of our church up to now. I included a picture of how we had to take out the bungalows, so we can build a new building.

3rd grader: Why did we take out the bungalows?

Me: So we have room to build the new building.

3rd grader: Where is the new building?

Me: Next to us, don’t you see the construction going on?

3rd grader: That’s a new building?

Me: Yes.

3rd grader: Where are the bungalows?


What is obvious to us is not obvious to children. We adults don’t realize how much we assume children understand our adult world. I bet they don’t understand half of what we say. They just have no concept of certain ideas like land and space and size.

4th grade girl: What if someone says they believe in Jesus and then doesn’t believe anymore?

This is in response to my message on 1 Corinthians 15:58 – stand firm, let nothing move you. If we want to receive the reward of heaven with Jesus, we must keep walking with Jesus our whole life. Quitting half way through the race does not give you the prize.

Me: It’s like if I asked who wants to go to Hawaii. You’ll all raise your hand. Then I tell you, go home and pack, get ready to go. But you say I’m too busy, I want to play video games, I’m studying. Will you get to Hawaii if you don’t act like you even care to get ready to go to Hawaii?

Being a follower of Jesus is not a one time decision. If you say I want to believe in Jesus to save me, but you don’t do act like you are a follower of Jesus, you don’t obey what God wants you to do, you don’t like to go to church. You’re not getting to Hawaii.

My own message is an encouragement to myself to stay the course. Work enthusiastically for the Lord for nothing we do for the Lord is useless 1Cor 15:58 NLT

I felt so much compassion for these children. I’m afraid some will not continue on the journey. I know it’s not an easy road, there are many temptations.

“Today we celebrate 35 years of this church not quitting in following Jesus. In another 35 years, I will not be here, but you will. I want everyone of you here to celebrate the church’s 70th anniversary. How old will you be in 35 years?”

“44”, “46”

“You will be here working enthusiastically for the Lord like the aunties and uncles here serving you today. I want some of you to study the Bible so you will take my place to teach the children.”

3rd grade boy: Will you be happy when you see us from heaven?

Oh yes! I don’t know if I can see you from heaven, but if I can, I will be very happy. Most of all I will be happy to be with Jesus and look forward to seeing all of you in heaven.

I was getting choked up. May God be faithful and hold on to their mustard seed faith! May God protect them from Satan’s schemes to pluck out the seed. May God grow the seed to produce 100 fold!


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