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Today was relaxing, I didn’t have any responsibilities with the kids. I treated myself and went to SS and worship service.

I made my rounds first and made a point to say hi to a 3rd grade boy.

Boy: I wish Maks is here. We can sit together and we can handle it.


Last week I was going to separate them, but if they can handle sitting together without playing around, then I’ll give them a chance. And they did well. I’m proud of him that he remembered from last week and said they can “handle it” if Maks was here!

Boy: Johnson hasn’t been here for a few weeks. I miss him.

They aren’t always the best influence on each other, but it is a friendship.

Me: I didn’t even notice Johnson hasn’t been here. I’m glad you’re keeping track of your friends. I’ll call their parents this week and find out what happened. Can you pray for them this week, and I’ll call and let you know.

Boy: ok

I’m praying too, that God will reveal himself to this precious 3rd grade boy.

I hung around and watched a bit of the little ones playing basketball. They are so cute! A few of my former students now in 7th grade were coaching and refereeing. They were quite serious, so cute too!

I wished my kids had this chance to play basketball. We signed up my son to play in NJB but he’s not athletic and didn’t like it. Stopped after one season. It was too competitive for him. I think if he played at church where people are nice, he might’ve had a better experience. I’m pretty sure my daughter would’ve liked it.

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