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I spent the better part of the day just reading. But I’m a slow reader and get distracted.

So I set a timer for 10 minutes to see how many pages I read. Guess how many pages I read? 5

At this pace, I can only read 30 pages in an hour. But that’s not bad because even at this rate, I can read an average book of 250 pages in about 8 hours. If I read 1/2 an hour a day, that’s 15 pages, I should be able to finish a book in 16 days.

I’m going to try that. The problem is, I like to read before bed, and then I get sleepy. I don’t know if I can actually comprehend 15 pages in 1/2 hour. Usually I read the same pages over again the next night…


I am getting over a UTI. I get them chronically. I have a standing prescription of antibiotics from my doctor. Resting at home today was good. I thank God that I was not as worried as I used to be about my UTI. I worried that I would develop a tolerance for antibiotics and will have to go to ER. But this time I wasn’t worried. I told my husband if I die, don’t feel too sad. I don’t want him to feel guilty. He can remarry. And tell the kids they can have a great life without me and I’ll see them in heaven.

This is what you think about when you’re over 60.

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