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Yesterday I made yogurt in my instantpot.

Today I made kumquat marmalade and granola.

I’ve succeeded in passing on the love of homemaking to my daughters. They are both successful engineers, but ready to give up their careers to put home as a priority. They don’t think of it as a sacrifice because it’s fun and challenging. It takes great skill to be a homemaker.

Homemaking is not for the brainless and lazy. I know a lot about nutrition, not only because that was my major in college, but I research in order to give my family the best. I don’t believe the advertisements. I read every . single . label on products including shampoos, and face creams (yes, grocery shopping takes me a long time).

Don’t believe it when they tell you it’s “low fat”. Read the label. Don’t buy anything with sugar as the first ingredient. Don’t believe it when they tell you it has no sugar. Read the label. There’s probably artificial sugar.

Never buy low or non fat cream. Cream by definition is fat. Non fat cream is all artificial ingredients.

I research what medicine to take or not take, what natural remedies and supplements we should take. And yes, I believe in using high quality essential oils and herbal medicine (though I’d be very careful with that.)

I know a lot about raising children. My kids and I did a lot of crafts and self-learning together.

I don’t love to garden, but my MIL does. I read labels of fertilizers so we can have organic herbs and vegetables. We have a bumper crop of oregano and thyme if anyone needs any.

At each stage of life there are new challenges. Homemaking is more challenging than engineering and much more satisfying. What job can be compared with the job of taking care of your precious family?

I must say though, living on a farm, the pioneer life doesn’t appeal to me. I know it’s hard work. I only want to do the fun parts of homemaking.

I am sorry that women do not value homemaking. You don’t have to be married to be a homemaker.




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