I’ve been wanting to read through this book for a long time. I’ve read bits and pieces of it, now I’ve read it cover to cover.

There are many excellent points on how to teach more effectively. The best part though is the Appendix on how to teach this material to other teachers. It includes activities for each lesson plan which are good ideas to use in any lesson. Ex: draw a picture of how you think a person learns.

I wish teachers of adults know how to use more teaching methods. They think lecture and discussion are the only ways to teach.

I will teach those lesson plans one day.

Highly recommend this book. Dr. Hendricks is humorous and shares a lot of his experiences. The passing of that generation of Christian leaders is a lost to this generation. But at least we have his books.

Done with my February book.

I started to read Discipling by Mark Dever. I expected it to be a very basic book, and it is. And it is just too boring in presenting basic material. I’m putting it back on the shelf.



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