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I wish I had the opportunity to meet Howard Hendricks.

“If I scheduled a seminar at your church and then walked in drunk, you’d dismiss me immediately. But if I walked in fifty pounds overweight, you’d feed me more, right? Sure – after all, you can’t have a Christian gathering without food. Did you ever wonder how the early church made it without coffee and doughnuts? I’ll tell you: They had something better to provide togetherness – persecution. That’ll weld you together in a hurry.” p31 Teaching to Change Lives, Howard Hendricks.

Praying with a 4 year old today gave me a picture of going to God as a child. The security of a child in the arms of her father and the full trust in her father’s love and strength is what God is calling me to with Him.

I have a low grade anxiety about aging and death. This picture that God showed me is a comfort. Lo, I am with you always.



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