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I would simply go day to day without thinking if not for this blog that forces me to reflect. I’m sitting here struggling to reflect on yesterday!

01.12.2020 Sunday

I took time to talk to people, but it’s always in a hurry. I talked to my usual people at the children’s area, but I wanted to rush off to SS. I enjoyed SS and small group discussion, but I left early to rush back to Children Worship. I talked to Jeff and Man in Children Worship but I needed to rush to preach the message to the children.

I had to take care of two girls who were not picked up, and then I rushed to heat up my lunch. I stopped to talk to the ladies of children’s choir, but then I had to cut it short to rush to Karena’s sharing.

I did have one unhurried conversation before I went home. That felt really good. I’m glad I didn’t rush to attend the last part of VBS meeting.

By the time I got home it was almost 3. I rushed to get ready to go visit my granddaughter.

One of my new year resolutions is to practice hospitality. It doesn’t have to be dinner. It would be nice just to meet up with people. I met up with a collegian on Thursday for an unhurried lunch. It was great.

Maybe Sundays will just have to be rushed like that. Awana on Friday nights are not rushed for me. I hope I can make other times to have unhurried conversations.

Me in Children Worship: How many of you have heard of Joseph in the Bible?

New boy: I don’t know anything in the Bible. It’s my first time.

Love how kids just honestly tell you.

Me: Is the life of Joseph recorded in the OT or NT?

Kids: OT

Me: Do you know which book in the OT?

Kids: Matthew?

Me: A book in the OT

Kids: Luke? John?

I bet many adults don’t know either. I need to teach more from the OT.


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