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God gives us word pictures in the physical world to show us spiritual realities.

My granddaughter gained almost 6 pounds in 2.5 months just from drinking milk. She’s grown not only in size but in relational interactions and self expressions.

Our spiritual life should be like that, drinking the pure milk of the Word, and graduating to solid food of truths of the Word to grow strong in our relationships with God and people.

I’m getting very forgetful. I should do some Sudoku. They say learning a new language is very good for the brain. I’ve listened to the same Chinese sentences on YouTube many times and still don’t remember the word for table and chair…

Looking forward to shopping with my hubby tomorrow for our OCC box.

Two weddings to attend before the end of the year. Lost count of how many baby showers we invited to this year. Went to one last Sunday, that might be the last one.

Counting down to Christmas, bought more lights to hang outside.



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